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Changing the world

one mind at a time

20 November 1975
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Hello to those of you who read these.

I'm James, generally a nice gent of 34 years, whose been studying everything, including eclectic paganism, Judaism, Ceremonial Magick with a Thelemic bent, and even a smattering of the Presbyterianism of my heathen youth. Which pretty much gives me the power to BS ignorantly about just about everything:)

I read a lot. for you book snobs, yes, it is generally genre fiction. Horror, Fantasy, some Sci-fi, and the occasional mystery.

Most of my posts are friends only, due to the the amount of folks on here that hate me. I realize one of the primary purposes of LJ is to generate drama, however, I kind of like the idea of a stress free environment. I generally do add people back who add me, but it is nice to get a comment saying "Hi, I just added you. Please add me back."

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